Karma (Egyptian)

Karma (Egyptian)

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The film is about two men. Each of them dreams of the other and through those dreams gets to know about his life in detail. The first is Adham al-Masry, a business tycoon who despite his wealth leads a miserable life. The second is Watani Mina Abdel Malak, a poor, unemployed Copt from southern Egypt who also leads a miserable life. The two men exchange places in a shift where the lines between dream and reality are blurred so that it is not clear whether this happened in real life or whether each of them impersonated the other in his own imagination.

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City Centre Alexandria

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    1. 18:45
    2. 21:30
    3. 00:45

Mall of Egypt

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    1. 17:00
    2. 19:45
    3. 22:30
    4. 01:15

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