Lahazat Lazeeza

Lahazat Lazeeza

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Saleh "Hesham Maged" and Doria "Hannah Al Zahed" are a couple who live an unhappy life. They have a mischievous son who always causes them problems, and the parents always blame each other for these problems and shirk responsibility. One day, after a big quarrel between them, Doria leaves the house and Saleh is left alone. Saleh discovers a strange illuminated portal in the garage room of his house. Saleh crosses the portal to find a parallel world in which there is a better version of his home, his family, and his life. The events take place within a comedic framework with the participation of Bayoumi Fouad and Mohamed Tharwat.

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Lahazat Lazeeza - Showtimes

City Centre Alexandria

  1. Standard
    1. 10:30pm
    2. 11:00pm

City Centre Almaza

  1. MAX
    1. 11:00pm
  2. GOLD
    1. 11:00pm
  3. Standard
    1. 11:15pm

Mall of Egypt

  1. GOLD
    1. 11:45pm
  2. Standard
    1. 10:45pm
    2. 11:15pm
    3. 12:15am

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